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This course is designed for anyone interested in learning a little about art history and a lot about art appreciation. Most people appreciate art on some level. Some people like to look at art and some people like to make art. Others yet may do a little of both. Art truly has something to offer everyone. A former art history professor once said that there has never been a culture that has not created art. Ever. That is a powerful statement. I hope that you will have a new appreciation for the thing that artists do, creating art.

We will begin with the mechanics of art. Choosing lines, shapes, forms, and colors is the beginning step to creating. We will look at a variety of art and a variety of artists. I think you will be amazed at the backgrounds and skills that these people have. The sky’s the limit on the possibilities. People’s art can differ as much as their appearances do. That is the beauty of art.

While this course cannot be all things to all people, it can offer a look into several areas of art. It will be helpful to you to be curious, to have an open mind, and to learn to be critical when appropriate.